Tips To Manage Labour And Delivery Fears

In order to get a calm, peaceful, and hitch-free labour experience, you need to not only select the best hospitals but also prepare yourself by learning about your fears regarding labour and delivery. In this article, we will be discussing a few tips for managing labour and delivery fees.

Let Someone Know

If you are afraid of giving birth, the first step you have to take is acknowledging your fear. Talk to a doctor so that they could provide you with the right resources. Sometimes, societal expectations might make you feel afraid to say that you are afraid. But, it’s okay to admit your fear. Once the doctor and your family members know that you are fearful of labour, they can provide you with the right treatment, advice, and support. At Cocoon Hospital, we have doctors who will provide you with a safe space for talking about your fears and helping you overcome them.

Find Someone Who Can Provide You with The Right Support

Sometimes, it is important to find support from outside of your medical team and close circle. This way, you can gain more knowledge about the birthing process. Even virtual groups will give you the much-needed space for asking questions and learning tools that can help with birthing. If you want a one-on-one experience, you can even see a therapist, especially if you are feeling detached or showing symptoms of PTSD from a previous loss or traumatic birth experience. Anxiety can get in your way of connecting with your pregnancy and enjoying your childbirth. Talking about your experiences can be a lot of help. However, you don’t have to listen to the birth experience of every woman you meet. If it makes you feel anxious, you can ask them to stop.

Take A Birthing Class

Cocoon Hospital offers birthing classes where the instructors will demystify the birth experience for you. They will also give you tips on timing contractions so that you know the right time to go to the hospital and breathe through the pain. Also, you will learn how the hospital will be handling emergencies. It is important to know what is natural, what the body can do, and what will happen in case of an emergency. Understanding the process and what can happen will help you visualize the situation beforehand. Cocoon offers online classes to ensure your safety and comfort.

Try Yoga

Yoga can help you with mindfulness and relaxation, especially if you are anxious about giving birth. It is important to understand that an essential part of labour is breathing. Through the physical act of yoga, you can create a link between yourself and your body. This is a powerful tool that is really handy during the labour process.

Research From The Right Sources

The more you learn about the birthing process, the better prepared you will be for it. But, you have to be cautious of where you are getting your information from. There are a lot of forums and blogs on the internet that won’t provide you with good advice or evidence-based information. Instead, talk to the doctors about the resources that will help you learn about the process.

Create A Birth Plan

If you have discussed birth plans with other mothers, you will find out that it is not possible to plan birth. And even though this is true, it is still important to advocate for yourself and express your birth preferences. Creating a birth plan is a way for you to have a conversation with your doctor regarding your concerns. It is best to have these conversations at the start of the third trimester like what type of delivery you want or whether you want luxury hospital suites or not. After all, you don’t want to discuss it with your doctor during labour at the hospital.

The best way for you to nip your fear of labour and delivery is by educating yourself. You have to learn about the fears and the realities that will help ease your worries. Rest, you can leave it up to the specialists at the best hospital for delivery in Jaipur, Cocoon Hospital.