Taking Care of You and Your Baby While You Are Pregnant


The days before delivery are exciting because the pregnant mother is eagerly waiting for the new life to come. At the same time, the period is confusing as well because there are many aspects to consider before delivery and many pregnant women are unaware of them. If these things to be taken care of before delivery are considered well, there would not be much difficulty during and after delivery.

Why taking care before pregnancy is important?
The chance of healthy pregnancy increases if you take care of certain things before delivery. The care comprises of much more than simply monitoring your diet and weight. It is important to keep in mind that during pregnancy phase, not only the health of the pregnant woman important but the health of the unborn baby also matters a lot. Maternal difficulties like diabetes, inadequate weight gain, and high blood pressure, if left untreated, could prove to be risky to the foetus. If certain conditions are taken care of early, they can be treated in-utero (i.e., prior the birth of baby).  The best hospital in jaipur for delivery takes care of pregnant women before pregnancy effectively.

Things to Take Care of:


  • Keep yourself hydrated and take enough rest:It is important to keep yourself hydrated. In case you are nauseated and could not keep water down, it is necessary to add one spoon of sugar and a pinch of salt into it. It will quickly rehydrate you and alleviate the concerns of nausea. It is also important to take plenty of rest. You can take a nap prior lunch time and prior dinner. You can develop a habit of taking rest in parts as this can make the parenting a baby easy.
  • Consult with your doctor regarding your delivery options: During the course of pregnancy, you are about to see many obstetricians. It is common to understand that such appointments could be overwhelming; however, take effort to seek benefit of that time to have continued conversations regarding your delivery plans. Because majority of doctors have admitting privileges at multiple hospital, it is recommended that you decide which is the suitable fit for you –like the one near to your home or the one with a dedicated birthing centre. The expert team of doctors present at the best hospital in jaipur for delivery guides you well about the delivery options.
  • Eat balanced food:Consumption of balanced diet helps to keep you and your baby healthy. It is best to eat fruits, vegetables, dairy products, pulses, rice, etc. Stay away from eating junk foods and eating food that is not completely cooked. It is important to wash all produce prior eating it. Also, keep dishes and cutting boards clean. Develop a habit of eating minimum 4 servings of dairy every day. It will help to provide sufficient amount of calcium to you and your baby.

Concluding Note:
The health of pregnant women can be at risk if proper care is not taken before delivery period. The best medical facility, like Cocoon Hospital can help you on guiding on different things to be considered in order to have safe delivery.

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