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Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful phases of life for a woman. It is also the time when their husbands and families go paranoid to provide the best kind of care to them. From searching the best hospital and gynecologist to giving lists of do’s and don’ts, you can sometimes feel confused about what to do and what not. 


Instead of a million do’s and don’ts what we have for you expecting ladies is a list of some useful tips for skin care, health and diet during this monsoon season to stay safe and healthy.


•  Avoid eating raw vegetables or ones that have been cut and kept in the open air for too long. Fruits too should not be cut and left open for long because the water content in them once again absorbs moisture during monsoon and makes it a ground for bacterial growth. These tend to absorb moisture from the air and it leads to bacterial growth which may not be good for pregnant women. Raw and leafy vegetables should be avoided during monsoon to avoid getting digestive problems and stomach infection. Try to boil or steam freshly cut vegetables before eating them. Moreover, skip your cravings for spicy roadside food as they may contain the most number of germs in monsoon season. Eating those leaves you open to risks of getting stomach infection and diarrhoea. 


•  Always make sure to drink only boiled or purified water in the monsoon season. If you are going out, carry your own bottle of water. 


•  Keep your house sanitized all the time to avoid contacting germs that come in too often when people come into your house with dirty feet in monsoon.


•  Take bath with neem water every day as it fights germs and infections to make you immune to viral and bacterial infections and also improves your skin. 


• Add medicinal herbs like tulsi leaves in your tea as it not only helps to keep fevers, cough and cold and other bacterial infections away in monsoon but also releases stress build up in pregnancy and keeps you calm and relaxed. 


• If you feel caged up in home as the monsoon is not letting you go out for walks, release your stress levels by enjoying the beauty of the monsoon along with your favourite songs and books. It lifts your mood and helps to manage stress, anger and mood swings. 


• Even if you have to step out during the monsoon, wash your hands, feet and face as soon as you come back home to avoid viral infections as well as skin diseases which are common during monsoon. 


• It is also very important to stay hydrated during monsoon and especially in pregnancy. Sometimes your skin feels too dry and sometimes it’s too oily. Stay naturally hydrated and moisturized by eating healthy food like fresh fruits, fresh fruit juices, and yogurt and coconut water. Also maintain a daily moisturizing routine by massaging olive or almond oil which keeps your skin soft and glowing, takes care of acne, releases stress and also reduces stretch marks. 


• Wear loose and light cotton clothes so that you do not sweat and feel uncomfortable. Synthetic clothes may cause excessive sweating and rashes on the skin. 


Follow these useful tips and leave the rest to the care and advice's of an experienced gynecologist from a highly reputed hospital like Cocoon Hospital in Jaipur. Cocoon Hospital is indeed the best hospital in Jaipur providing you the care of a trusted gynecologist, the necessary exercise routine and dietary advice's from a nutritionist for ensuring high standards of health of the pregnant mother. 

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