Early Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Know About

The most wonderful experience someone can ever have is being pregnant, by far. The journey to parenthood can be an arduous one; with challenges at each step of the road. However, it's a fulfilling, natural, and highly gratifying experience to have as a parent; for both mothers and fathers.  

Pregnancy is one aspect of this road to parenthood that can be quite overwhelming for women. It's a stage in life where you may feel confused, be susceptible to mood swings, experience changes in the body, and take precautions to ensure the proper safety of your body and your baby.  

However, even before the actual start of this journey, one should always look out for the early symptoms of pregnancy. Accordingly, you'll be able to seek a diagnosis as early as possible. This also helps in taking necessary decisions: whether or not you're ready, whether you're equipped to handle such a big responsibility, whether your body is ready for it, etc. Therefore, having pre-existing knowledge about pregnancy indicators and symptoms may help you with other life-changing, irreversible decisions down the road. 

Early Pregnancy Symptoms You Should Know About 

Each woman is unique. The same goes for their pregnancy needs, symptoms, and treatment. Even identical indications from one pregnancy to the other do not occur in every woman. With that in mind, we'll look through some of the most common indicators or early signs of pregnancy:  

1. Changes In Breasts 

Another extremely early indication of pregnancy is breast changes. After conception, a woman's hormone levels start to alter and go through various changes. Pregnancy hormones lead the body to produce more of these symptoms, which include stiffness, soreness, tenderness, and perhaps even discomfort in the breasts. 

2. Prolonged Tiredness 

Beginning early in pregnancy, feeling extremely exhausted is typical. As early as one week after conception, a woman may experience exceptionally high levels of weariness. Fatigue can also result from a lack of sleep at night or from being sleepy during the day. Additionally, exhausting activities can quickly wear you out.  

3. Cramps 

The fertilised egg adheres to the uterine wall after fertilisation. One of the initial symptoms of pregnancy that might result from this is spotting and, occasionally, cramps. So, early on during pregnancy, cramping, which is sometimes misunderstood as premenstrual symptoms, could also occur.  

4. Recurring Urination/Constant Urge To Urinate:  

More blood flow causes the kidney to generate more urine. Consequently, the impulse to urinate might be more intense. This often begins in the sixth or eighth week following conception for several women. Even while there are other potential causes for this, if you're pregnant, hormone levels are most likely to blame.  

5. Missed Periods 

Missed menstruation is the most visible early sign of pregnancy. It is also what causes the majority of women to take a pregnancy test. It's crucial to remember, though, that not all delayed or prolonged menstrual cycles are due to pregnancy.  

6. Headaches 

Several factors might cause headaches in the early stages of pregnancy. The most frequent causes include sore eyes, stuffy or congested noses, difficulty falling asleep at nighttime, exhaustion, electrolyte imbalance or low sugar levels caused by acidity, pregnancy-related indigestion and vomiting, and various other changes.  

7. Others 

Other common symptoms may include:  

  • Heartburn and Burping 

  • Morning Sickness 

  • Constipation  

  • Dizziness  

  • Excessive Mood Swings 

  • Bleeding Caused By Implementation Of The Fertilised Egg Into The Uterus' Inner Lining, etc.  


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