A Detailed Guide To High-Risk Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a multifaceted process. It's a journey that has various sides to it. Each and every woman has their specific needs, requirements, and bodily reactions to each and every stage of pregnancy. A "high-risk" pregnancy is one in which the mother's risks of having a preterm birth or other health issues are increased by one or more factors.  

You could be more vulnerable to health problems before, during, or after giving birth if your pregnancy is high-risk. Your foetus may be at risk too. For this very reason, specific, meticulous monitoring or care is needed throughout pregnancy. Working with your physician or support team to treat any health issues that can be controlled is crucial if your pregnancy is deemed high-risk.  

What Causes High-Risk Pregnancy?  

The reasons for a high-risk pregnancy can vary from person to person. Here, we will discuss some of the common causes of high-risk pregnancy:  


  • Conditions: Factors like the age of the client, their weight, preexisting pregnancy problems, or other recurring, preexisting illnesses like HIV, high blood pressure, kidney problems, respiratory disorders, diabetes, etc.   

  • Blood-related Illnesses: A woman's risk of urinary tract infections, foetal death, premature labor, and intrauterine growth inhibition during pregnancy may be increased by blood abnormalities. Such illnesses may pose hindrances during certain stages of pregnancy.  

  • Placenta previa: A whole other pregnancy-related problem that could endanger the mother throughout pregnancy and delivery is placenta previa. Significant bleeding results from this situation, particularly if a woman is experiencing spasms. To reduce the likelihood of blood loss to the mother and the unborn child in this situation, doctors could arrange a caesarean section.  

  • Stress/Depression/Anxiety: Preterm birth, a greater likelihood of caesarean section, and low birth weight are all risks connected to depression, anxiety, and stress in pregnant women. An accentuated spike in such turbulent emotions may have bad repercussions.  

  • Height: Narrow pelvises are more common in women under 5 feet tall, which may make it challenging for the foetus to pass through the pelvis and birth canal during the labour process. This might put you and your baby in considerable danger.  

  • Exposure To Specific Infections/Chemicals: Certain drugs like erythromycin, lithium, etc, may increase the chances of exposing your baby to potential birth defects. Additionally, certain substances are known as teratogens. These should be kept as far as possible from the pregnant client. Certain chemicals, infections, and allergies may also cause high-risk pregnancies.  

  • Weight: The only health issue that may be resolved prior to conception is obesity, which affects pregnant women. In general, overweight clients are at higher risk of getting pre-eclampsia, diabetes, and high blood pressure during pregnancy.  

Solutions For High-Risk Pregnancy  

Availing services from a healthcare establishment that ensures the utilisation of cutting-edge ultrasound procedures and provides you with a meticulously maintained and high-quality prenatal care assessment might be a good option to opt for.  

Additionally, you must ensure that regular visits to a perinatologist are scheduled properly. Only a professional — with the necessary skills and expertise — can check for underlying factors that may obstruct your pregnancy, changing it from a relatively smoother one to a high-risk one. It's better to be safe than sorry.  

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