Best of Luxury Hotels and Maternity Hospital in Jaipur


The making of a mother and a baby is a long process. A good pregnancy centre takes care of all the different stages of pregnancy.It is a medically and emotionally specialised function; as such the latest trend is exclusive pregnancy centres known as Maternity hospitals.

Like all big cities, in Jaipur also we can find the Best Maternity Hospital in Jaipur, pregnancy care centre in Jaipur, maternity hospital in Jaipur Rajasthan.One is Cocoon Hospotel. Cocoon Hospotel, has broken all boundaries in luxury and beauty that could be attached to pregnancy. It has clubbed the best of luxury hotels and maternity hospitals. Cafes, spa, luxury rooms, single rooms, deluxe rooms,etc. plus blood banks, best obstetricians, gynaecologists, plastic surgeons
In pre-pregnancy care, couples are briefed of healthy conceiving. Some common tests during pregnancy are:-
•    Mother’s blood test.
•    Ultrasound test.
•    Placenta hormone test.
•    Placenta protein test.

All the above are done in early pregnancy and called the first-trimester test. These tests ensure that there is no possibility of birth defect.
Then comes the late-stage tests; these are multiple blood tests medically known as multiple markers. Placenta hormones are also tested. Again all of these tests are to ascertain that the baby is free of genetic disorders. These are called second-trimester tests.
The pregnant mother is advised of healthy foods and pregnancy-specific exercises. This is a specific phase of life that has to be taken care by the Best Maternity Hospital in Jaipur, pregnancy care centre in Jaipur, a Maternity Hospital in Jaipur or the centre of your choice wherever you are.
Cocoon Hospotel tries that all deliveries are normal, you can opt for water birthing also. You have the option of laparoscopic surgical delivery also.
Post-delivery, there is the arrangement of ICU, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery if the situation calls for. 


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